Licensed Pranic Healers

Associate Pranic Healers, Certified Pranic Healers and Instructors are licensed with the Institute for Inner Studies in Manila, Philippines.​

Tamara Low

Associate Pranic Healer - Vernon

Tamara has been interested in the healing arts for most of her life. She has a degree in Eastern Religions and Psychology. In 2016 she discovered Pranic Healing, and this completely changed her life! She is passionate about sharing this life changing “gift” with others.
Fears, phobias, limiting beliefs, anxiety, depression, physical pain, emotional pain, trauma, feeling stuck, blocked etc….if you have questions about any of these, let Tamara know.  She is working towards becoming a Certified Pranic Healer.

Phone: 778-932-0442


Website: (coming soon)

Gillian Boehm

Associate Pranic Healer - Vernon

Before falling in love with the healing powers of Pranic Healing, Gillian experimented with many of the available holistic and alternative health services throughout her youth and early adult life.  At the beginning it was not by choice, but necessary to recover from a traumatic car accident.  

Gillian has a Bachelors in Human Kinetics and loves to share and receive the abundant blessings pranic healing has to offer.  She is mostly busy with her new child – Teal, but would still love to connect with you.

Phone: 778-581-5556


Marilee Goheen

Certified Pranic Healer - Kelowna

Marilee has over 25 years of experience as a Pranic Healer, instructor and a therapist.  Along with Dr. Duncan Goheen (her husband) who is also a certified Pranic Healer and instructor, they inspired and taught all of the younger practitioners listed on this page. They helped Master Choa Kok Sui (The Founder) bring Pranic Healing to Canada in 1993.

She is available for 1-on-1 sessions out of Kelowna or on the phone. 

Phone: 250-491-1228



Instructors From Vancouver

Aiydin Cross

Certified Pranic Healer & Instructor - Vancouver

Today, Aiydin is a Pranic Healing Instructor for Basic Pranic Healing and SuperBrain Yoga. He is a Certified Pranic Healer and a clinic leader at two meditation and Pranic Healing Clinics in the lower mainland. He continues to be committed to supporting personal and spiritual growth within the spiritual communities he resides in. 

Aiydin travels to the Okanagan throughout the year to instruct courses and to help inspire new students.

Phone: 778-878-4977




Elysia Raimondo


The intimate connection between the energy body and physical body is something that makes sense to Elysia. She believes that there is no greater joy than being a part of the healing process. From all the pain to all the blessings of good health and happiness. 

She is in training to be an Associate Pranic Healer. If you would like to be one of her practice clients feel free to contact her.

Phone: 250-938-1641 


Carl Ross


One of Carl’s favourite recent mantras is: Peace & Progress. He is enjoying the process of creating more Pranic Healing opportunities in the Okanagan.

He is currently training to be an Associate Pranic Healer. If you would like to be one of his practice clients feel free to contact him. 

Phone: 778-212-8635