About Meditation On Twin Hearts

Meditation On Twin Hearts

The Meditation on Twin Hearts works by activating the heart and crown chakras to bless the earth with loving-kindness, peace and goodwill. The meditation is based on the principle that some of the major energy centers/chakras are entry points/gateways to certain levels or horizons of consciousness. The Twin Hearts pertain to the heart and crown energy centers.

The heart chakra is an energy center in front of a person’s chest. It is the energy counterpart to the physical heart. The heart chakra is the center for compassion, joy, affection, consideration, mercy, and other higher refined emotions.

The crown energy center (also called the spiritual heart) is located on the top of the head and is the entry point to higher spiritual consciousness.To achieve illumination or cosmic consciousness, it is necessary to sufficiently activate the crown chakra.

This can be done only when the heart chakra is sufficiently activated. Only by developing the higher refined emotions can one possibly experience divine love. When the crown center is highly developed, one experiences Divine Love and Oneness with All.

Blessing the earth with loving-kindness, peace and goodwill during the Meditation on Twin Hearts can be done by a group as a form of world service.

The effectiveness of the blessings is magnified many times more when done as a group rather than as an individual.


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